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[Why do skin care products feel numb after application? Maybe your particles are too big! 】

The knowledge in this issue is relatively difficult! But knowing it can take you to the next level in skin care! For active ingredients to be effective, you must get them in the right place.

Whether it can reach where it should go depends on a very important factor, which is whether "its size" can pass through our skin! So how to judge?

What is Dalton

John Dalton, member of the Royal Society, chemist and physicist. The proposer of modern atomic theory proposed the atomic theory and was also the first scientist to study the phenomenon of color blindness. In order to commemorate this great scientist, people later used his name as the mass unit of atoms and molecules, which is "Dalton" (Da).

You might want to say, it's both mass and atoms, something. But it’s actually not that complicated. For example, if you buy vegetables at the wet market and buy 1 kilogram (Dalton) of pork (atoms), the kilogram is its mass unit.

Simply put, it is a counting unit.

Why do you need to know about this unit? Because we have to take a look at who will block the active ingredients after applying skin care products, that is, "your skin"

Are there gaps in the skin?

The gaps mentioned here are not the "pores" and "fine lines" visible to the naked eye, but the "keratinocyte gaps" of the epidermis. This is the important key to affecting absorption!

Do you understand? Let’s make an analogy.

The skin is like a towel. If you look at it directly, it seems that there are no holes, but if you look closely, you will find that there are small interlaced fibers. These holes or gaps are our "keratinocyte gaps".

How to cross the keratinocyte space ?

Basically, the gap between our keratinocytes is about 5 nanometers in size, and the corresponding molecular weight is about 500 Daltons. In other words, molecules larger than 500 Daltons will be easier to stay on the skin surface, and molecules smaller than 500 Daltons will be easier to stay on the skin surface. What about? It goes through the skin easily !

Take the example of a towel. If you take a needle and it goes through the towel, it's easy, but if it's a bamboo chopstick, it's not that easy.

Does everything have to go through the skin?

Well, actually not all the ingredients need to pass through the skin. Just imagine, the products you use for cleansing are relatively irritating. You don’t want them to get into your skin without any problems, right? !

So for the "cleaning type" we want it to stay on the surface and do its job,

What I want to get into the skin is "maintenance" ingredients (anti-aging, antibacterial, whitening)

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