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Do you know why youth cannot be grasped?

Have you tried many anti-aging products but still can’t retain your youth ?  Many anti-aging products on the market, even if they claim to contain rich and effective ingredients, are often not effective because the molecules are too large or have limited effectiveness. They need to be able to block free radicals that cause cell aging for a long time and deeply repair damaged elastic tissue. Youth can be achieved Catch it!


Causes of aging

Internal factors : As we age, cells age

External factor : Environmental influences, ultraviolet rays, free radicals, cold, heat, wind and pollution lifestyle, fatigue, stress, free radicals, unbalanced diet and improper weight loss, improper maintenance or lack of maintenance, skin care products that are not suitable for skin type or nutritional deficiencies

COSGENE’s Four Keys to Anti-Aging and Keeping Youth Visible ! A two-pronged approach improves dryness, dehydration, wrinkles, sagging and other phenomena, so that facial lines can immediately look up, making you look younger and more beautiful naturally! In anti-aging, COSGENE uses the leading Nanoparticles carrier to carry a large number of anti-aging active ingredients, including: natural anti-free radical "polyphenols" plant extractsrepair and protection, better defense. Elastin, collagen, horsetailBuild youthful elasticity and reduce relaxation. Lactic acid and seaweed yeast increase cell renewal rate and make skin healthy. Rosemary and ginseng Stimulate vitality and promote youthfulness.

Cosgene water environment youth opening features The only smart skin care product in the world that truly uses nano-carriers, it can adjust and release the skin care according to the needs and degree of damage of the skin. The maintenance time is more than 3.5 times that of traditional non-nano skin care products. The cold process maintains active concentration and high quality. It complies with the CTFA specifications of the American Cosmetic Association in all aspects. Natural biotech formulas focus on both safety and effectiveness

Youth Opening is recommended for all mature women to maintain their youth, premature aging, inactive skin, dry and aging skin, wrinkles, sagging, dull and spotted skin;

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