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My skin is always dry, how can I make my skin hydrated and tender?

When the skin appears dry, stretched, finely textured, or even partially desquamated, it is a warning sign of dehydration~

The main factors causing skin dehydration are:

  1. Epidermal hydrolipidic membrane is not perfect Water easily evaporates and is lost

  2. Insufficient content of natural moisturizing factors Moisture cannot be locked in

Water world water retention elastic series
-Nano water retention keeps skin hydrated throughout the entire process, making it truly hydrated-

With professional care and DIY products, you can achieve complete hydration and true hydration! In the past, the effect of water-retaining products was often very good within 1-2 hours after application, especially in air-conditioned environments, which cannot be maintained for a long time. Thanks to nanosphere technology, Cosgene's American Water Environment Research Center combines basic research with formula advantages. The entire series adopts the Nanospheres process. Different ingredients are carried through different Nanospheres spheres. They are slowly released according to the needs of the skin and synchronized to give full play to:

  1. Immediate hydration + long-lasting water supply benefits
  2. Supplements powerful natural moisturizing factors to retain moisture and plump skin
Cosgene's moisturizing formula for mature women
Water World's water-retaining and elastic series will contain two essences: "Silkworm Chrysalis Protein", which revitalizes and moisturizes the skin at high speed, and "Lyme Bud", which moisturizes and strengthens the skin, as well as moisturizing factors hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides, and added aloe vera and polymer grass. , seaweed yeast complex and other synergistic natural essences, allowing skin care products to give full play to natural beauty without burden
Water World Moisturizing Series Water Yes

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