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What is red and painful acne on the face?

What is acne ? 

"Acne" is a symptom of chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands. It will appear as black, white, pimples, papules, pustules or cysts. Because it mostly appears in adolescence, it is called "acne". Acne does not only appear in adolescence. Skin of any age group may develop acne. It often appears in areas with strong sebum secretion, such as the face, back and chest. Acne that appears on the face is also called pimples, which is unsightly and therefore most disturbing. For the sake of "face", everyone wants to get rid of it immediately. However, arbitrarily squeezing it will not only not be good, but also lead to deterioration, and even the formation of pits, which is even worse! Dealing with acne: You must first find out the cause and then take appropriate care to make it disappear without leaving a trace and prevent recurrence.

Why do I get acne ?

There are many causes of acne, which can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Hormone imbalance, strong sebum secretion, horny hypertrophy, and clogged pores
  2. Abnormal living habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking or being under too much emotional stress, partial eclipse (fruits and vegetables, insufficient water intake)
  3. Improper use of makeup and skin care products, incomplete makeup removal and cleansing

These are all causes of acne. In severe cases, inflammation, redness, swelling, suppuration, and ulceration may occur! If coupled with improper squeezing, it may leave acne scars and scars that are difficult to heal, so don’t be careful! Moreover, "acne" is only for non-oily skin, dry or combination skin will also suffer from acne!

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