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What should I do if my stubborn acne becomes inflamed?

🐝 COSGENE Natural Propolis】

Effectively implement the most thorough anti-acne plan

Implement the most thorough acne-fighting plan

For some patients with non-open or inflammatory facial pimples

Get the most complete care without any side effects

COSGENE laboratory has specially added the best product for biathlon to fight acne.

🐝 "Propolis Extract" and "Propolis Purifying Cream"

Its main ingredient is "propolis" extract, which is known as a natural antibiotic, and is formulated with a variety of natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients can effectively reduce acne and combat redness, and can be applied once a week.

Mandelic acid complex extract + ice crystal repairing jelly mask

It can also detect and unclog pores and regulate sebum secretion.

Prevent scars from appearing on the skin after acne treatment and prevent recurrence.

✅Recommended targets for the Acne Fighting Plan

Acne, Acne Skin

Acne, pustules, enlarged pores

Hyperkeratin & unclean skin

Thick skin and clogged pores

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