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Q: Do I need sun protection in winter?

A: Of course!

If you think the cool autumn weather means you can put your sunscreen products on the shelf, that’s not a good idea.

Tsang Debeng said with a smile, "The sun is still the same!" Breaking through the blind spots with one word. The sunshine in autumn and winter is indeed not that poisonous, but it does not matter the distance or size of the sun. The key lies in the length of exposure. Cai Renyu said that people often feel that the sunshine in autumn and winter is very comfortable, but they are exposed to the sun for longer than in spring and summer, so they naturally absorb more sunlight. He warned, "It is even more important to protect yourself from the sun in winter. You stay outside thinking the sun is not strong. During this season, there are often no clouds to block the sun, but the sun is actually more harmful." If you are not careful, you will get tanned, aged, and wrinkled!

#basking in the sun is really comfortable# But remember to wear sunscreen

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