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Q: Would it be better to add skin care ingredients to facial cleanser?

A: Wrong.


Cleaning products all contain surfactants (an ingredient that can carry both oil and water), and most surfactants can cause skin irritation: Although everyone is now researching and using hypoallergenic surfactants, then Let’s get to the second point.


If you usually wash your face, you won’t let the facial cleanser stay on your face for more than 10 minutes! Therefore, the time for the active ingredients to be absorbed is too short, so they are washed away with water. The whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc. ingredients that were finally added are all washed away!

So! Cleansing products should fulfill their role of cleaning products and help you wash away the dirt and fatigue of the day. They should have mild and simple ingredients and have appropriate cleaning power, rather than adding various expensive additives, which are just a waste. These ingredients are in your pocket!
When it comes to maintenance, just leave it to the skin care products!

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