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【HEQ】Black Pepper-黑胡椒精油 10ml

【HEQ】Black Pepper Essential Oil 10ml

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  • 產品特色
  • 產品特色
  • Extraction part: Dried fruit Extraction method: Distillation Family name: Piper family Tonality: Middle note
    Main chemical components: phenols, sesquiterpenes, terpenes.
    The strong spicy taste is a hot stimulant. It is an ancient and popular spice. The Romans even used it in contemporary coins. It was mainly used in the regulation of urinary and liver function. It was also used in the treatment of cholera and dysentery. HEQ was selected from Indian black pepper has the following effects on body, mind, and soul:
    Incense: strong stimulating effect, bringing warmth, can strengthen weak nerves and mind, endurance when frustrated, and relieve respiratory problems caused by colds.
    Massage: Massage the whole body to promote peripheral circulation, relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and rheumatic joint pain. Add a few drops to body shaping products to accelerate the effect of lipolysis. Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction can relieve indigestion, loss of appetite and stomach Flatulence.
    Bathing: It warms the cold body and relieves soreness, fatigue and stiffness of the muscles and bones. It is also helpful for rheumatoid arthritis and temporary paralysis of the limbs.
    Note: Do not use excessive amounts to avoid causing kidney and skin irritation