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  • 產品特色
  • 產品特色
  • Extraction part: peel Extraction method: cold pressing Section name: Rutaceae Tonality: top note
    Main chemical components: alcohols, esters, terpenes, lactones
    The elegant lemon-scented bergamot tree is the most delicate of all citrus plants and requires special soil to grow. HEQ selects fine varieties produced in Italy and contains up to 50% linalyl acetate. The color is beautiful and emerald, about 1,000 pieces. The peel of bergamot can produce 30 ounces of high-purity essential oil. The effects on body, mind and soul are as follows:
    Fragrance: A fresh scent that has the dual benefits of soothing and boosting. It can soothe anger, frustration and relieve stress, anxiety, depression and nervous tension. It can also purify respiratory infectious diseases and relieve premenstrual headaches and postpartum depression. Make pregnant women mentally happy.
    Bathing: It can relax tension, pressure and purify oily skin. It has excellent antibacterial effect. Buttocks bath can relieve urethral inflammation.
    Mouthwash: Drop 2 drops of essential oil in half a cup of warm water to rinse your mouth, which can remove oral bacteria, bad breath and relieve oral ulcers.
    Massage: Massage the abdomen can relieve menstrual pain, regulate uterine function, improve indigestion, flatulence, colic, loss of appetite, massage the face or body skin can relieve acne, eczema and dermatitis, skin ulcers can be used together with eucalyptus The effect is excellent.
    Apply directly: Take one drop and apply directly to purify and relieve cold sores.
    Note: Containing citrus lactone and bergamot will promote the production of melanin in the skin, and may also irritate sensitive skin. Avoid exposure to sunlight after use.