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【HEQ】TEA TREE-茶樹精油10ml

【HEQ】Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

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  • 產品特色
  • 產品特色
  • Extraction part: leaf Extraction method: steam distillation Family name: Myrtaceae Tonality: top note
    Main chemical components: alcohols, oxides-eucalyptol, terpenes
    Tea tree is an essential oil that is very useful for the immune system. It belongs to the Myrtle family along with Melaleuca alba, Melaleuca alba, Clove, Eucalyptus and Myrtle, and they all have good anti-microbial infection ability. The smell is fresh, fresh and slightly pungent. HEQ selects the best tea trees produced in Australia, and its effects on the body, mind, and soul are as follows:
    Incense: Its scent has bactericidal and insect repellent effects, can enhance the body's immunity, defend against various infectious diseases, effectively fight colds, coughs, and asthma, and can also refresh the mind and restore vitality, especially when frightened.
    Bathing: Taking a bath can alleviate the symptoms of colds. A hip bath can purify the urethra and is helpful for Candida, mold and cystitis. A foot bath can prevent Hong Kong feet.
    Massage: Massage the skin before surgery to help strengthen the physique. It can be used to massage the acne skin. Its purifying function can improve wound infection and suppuration.
    Direct application: Take 1-2 drops and apply directly. It will help infected wounds, acne, pimples, Hong Kong feet, mosquito bites and herpes on the lips.
    Others: Add a few drops to shampoo or conditioner to treat dry scalp and dandruff.
    Note: Use on sensitive skin areas may cause irritation. For external use only, if you accidentally swallow it, drink a glass of water and do not induce vomiting.