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【SERLANDO】Powder and soft red lotion

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  • 產品特色
  • 產品特色
  • SERLANDO Classic ★Mingxing Commodities★The world's best-selling tens of thousands of maintenance essences every month!
    "Improve dullness + nourish and repair + perfect polish"
    The world's first ★ cosmetic care essential oil ★ 100% skin care products Lumiskin's patented brightening factor helps to improve dullness, brighter color, and can be used on dull areas such as lips, areola, and intimate skin U.S. FDA safety-approved pH value temperature-sensing and color-changing factor, 3 seconds ★Show your own natural matte Tin Hau level water-locking factor: Ceramide + Hyaluronic acid to make skin soft and smooth Rich in rose plant extracts such as rose essential oil and rosehip oil, the natural rose aroma relieves stress Lipstick isolate: can be used as a primer before lipstick to prevent pigmentation caused by long-term use of lipstick Multifunctional skin care products: suitable for lips, cheeks, areola, intimate skin and other parts Can be applied to the areola before pregnancy and after breastfeeding to prevent darkening of spots Fen Yang Jiao Dian Red Lotion Q&A

      Moisturizing lotion, use small reminder
    Please clean your lips before use-because the red lotion is designed with rollers, in order to avoid the impurities on the lips being brought into the bottle when the rollers are applied, causing the essence to become turbid and discolored. After use, please clean the roller ball and lock the bottle cap-please use facial tissue to clean the roller ball in a timely manner, one can remove impurities on the ball, and prevent impurities from entering the bottle in subsequent use; second, you can wipe the essence oil on the ball and the bottle cap Clean to avoid contamination of the bag due to the loosening of the oil body lubrication. Partition maintenance is recommended-it is only hygienic if you use the water of the moisturizing lotion to do the partition maintenance! Use separately for lips, areola, and intimate skin.