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【SERLANDO】INKED BY SERLANDO▼Tattoo Color Protective Lotion

【SERLANDO】INKED BY SERLANDO▼Tattoo Color Protective Lotion

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  • 產品特色
  • 產品特色
  • Every tattoo has a unique meaning, it is self, belief, memory and future.

    GOOD TATT GOOD CARE Good tattoos require good care

    Do you/do you know?

    The skin after tattooing will become very sensitive.

    The golden period for tattoo care is 1-2 weeks after tattooing .

    If you take good care of it, the color of the restored pattern will be quite beautiful.

    INKED BY SERLANDO▼ Exclusive care options for tattoos

    • It can prevent skin roughness, prevent dryness and maintain skin luster, and help restore tattoo color saturation.
    • ACTIWHITE™ LS 9808 helps smooth dull skin and makes tattoos more colorful.
    • Rich moisturizing ingredients: golden silk extract, ceramide, etc. help improve roughness and moisturize the skin.
    • Do not use on newly tattooed areas that have not yet recovered .
    • For those of you who want to get a tattoo: A few weeks before getting a tattoo, you can use tattoo lotion to strengthen and maintain the pre-tattooed skin area to keep the skin smooth and soft, and help the skin condition during the tattoo to be better colored.
    • For those of you who don’t have tattoos: Tattoo lotion is not just limited to people with tattoos, it is also an excellent moisturizing lotion that can be applied to dry areas all over the body.